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As long as a cork is put into the top of the bottle to prevent the effects of evaporation, fruit flies and dust, a vintage Madeira, once opened, can last for decades. Some replanting is taking place on the island; however, the tourist trade is generally seen as a more lucrative business than wine-making. Madeira is also used as a flavor agent in cooking.

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This process more gently exposes the wine to heat, and can last from six months to over a year. These varieties also lend their names to Madeira labeling, as discussed below. Another interesting peculiarity of old Solera Madeiras is that they were initially developed as a result of trying to extend the stocks of vintages when the vines had stopped being productive due to Phylloxera. Used for the highest quality Madeiras, these wines are aged without the use of any artificial heat, being stored by the winery in warm rooms left to age by the heat of the sun.

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To combat these threats, Madeira vineyards are often planted low trellisesknown as latada, that raise the canopy of the vine off the ground similar to a style used in the Vinho Verde region of Portugal. Wine tasters sometimes describe a wine which has been exposed to excessive heat during its storage as being cooked or maderized. On one occasion, Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail, of the great quantities of Madeira he consumed while a Massachusetts delegate to the Continental Congress. The seizure of the Liberty caused riots to erupt among the people of Boston.

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Properly sealed in bottles, it is one of the longest-lasting wines; Madeiras have been known to survive over years in excellent condition. Bastardo, Complexa and Tinta Negra are red grape varieties. Colheita or Harvest — This style includes wines from a single vintage, but aged for a shorter period than true Vintage Madeira. Today, Madeira's primary markets are in the Benelux countries, France, where it is entirely used for cooking, salt and pepper having been added prior to bottling, and Germany; emerging markets are growing in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The intense heat in the holds of the ships had a transforming effect on the wine, as discovered by Madeira producers when one shipment was returned to the island after a long trip. Effectively, most wineries would drop the word Colheita once bottling a wine at over 19 years of age because it is entitled to be referred to as vintage once it is 20 years of age. The seizure of the Liberty caused riots to erupt among the people of Boston.

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By the turn of the 20th century, sales started to slowly return to normal, until the industry was rocked again by the Russian Revolution and American Prohibitionwhich closed off two of Madeira's biggest markets. At that point, the wine can command a higher price than if it were still to be bottled as Colheita. Exceptions are sometimes made in the context of football soccer matches involving rival teams, where police executives may ban the sale of alcoholic drinks inside stadiums and deny entrance to drunk fans. Many varietally labelled madeiras, from most of the 20th century, do not. This makes it the most versatile of all dessert wines. The wines undergo the estufagem aging process to produce Madeira's distinctive flavor. The more dry wines — made from Sercial, Verdelho, and Negra Mole — are separated from their skins prior to fermentation.

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There are a series of different rules and penalties tied to various blood alcohol levels. The earliest examples of Madeira were unfortified and had the habit of spoiling at sea. Bastardo, Complexa and Tinta Negra are red grape varieties. Ranging from the driest style to the sweetest style, the Madeira types are: Rather than dump the wines, the merchants tried to pass it off as a new style of Madeira and were surprised at its popularity among the Americans. Depending on the level of sweetness desired, fermentation of the wine is halted at some point by the addition of neutral grape spirits. The use of mechanical harvesting and vineyard equipment is near impossible, making wine grape growing a costly endeavor on the island. In recent years, vintage Madeiras have been commanding higher prices than Soleras but, from when Michael Broadbent started wine auctions at Christie's , until about the end of the 20th Century, Solera Madeiras always fetched a premium at auction over the vintage ones.

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