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The Gemeinschaft der Eigenen inspired the formation in of the German Friendship League, which changed its name in to the Society for Human Rights. Our knowledge of such intimate secrets regarding members of the Nazi Party and other documentary material — we possessed about forty thousand confessions and biographical letters — was the cause of the complete and utter destruction of the Institute of Sexology. Where did respected journalist Hohne get his facts for the above passage? Treatment at the Sex Research Institute was required by the German courts for persons convicted of sex crimes. But Roehm was accustomed to being different.

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The Wandervoegel was started in the late s by a group of homosexual teenagers. The first key assertion of the book is that the Nazi Party met in a gay cash, an outrageous claim to make if it were false, but let's look at the source. Hans Blueher, a homosexual Nazi philosopher and important early member of the Wandervoegel, incited a sensation in with publication of The German Wandervoegel Movement as an Erotic Phenomenon, which told how the movement had become one in which young boys could be introduced into the homosexual lifestyle Rector: The documentation speaks for itself. Hohne's book was originally published in German intranslated into English inand published in the U. The organization was also opposed to sadomasochism and pederasty, two of the favorite practices of the militaristic, Roehm-style homosexuals who figured so prominently in the early Nazi Party. List also formed angeschaltet elitist occult priesthood called the Armanen Order, to which Hitler himself may have belonged Waite,


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