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I normally am very picky whom I kiss. The top stumm on, I could feel his cock teasingly rub against my behind and every now and then against the tip of my tucked clit. I was beginning to sport a bit of a hardon in my panties and was immediately thankful that I was wearing jeans, it would have been rather tricky to hide the obvious bulge otherwise.

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I am a year-old gender fluid person with a hobby for crossdressing. Him teasing me at that point. Time to ride my man for the night but not let him in yet, tease him, just the way he teased me. I sent the half-composed email which ended with these lines: Well, he knew what he was doing — I had to take him all the way down my throat in my very first go. Crossdressing is an illusion and a magician needs her prep-time.

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The duffle bag with the basic makeup I am not someone who likes to sport a drag queen look was in the luggage carrier at the back. This was an exception and he was pretty good at it. I have set my bars high, sometimes too high it would seem, as to whom I meet. The story flows through the pictures and their captions: I heard the announcement and people sitting around me started to make a line for the gate that would lead us to the evening flight back to India. Furthermore, as much as I like being taken missionary, sometimes, a slut needs to be fucked from the behind.

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Okay, perhaps making him cum in your mouth is a headier thing but to feel his precum coat my boy-pussy, to the tip almost popping inside with each grind and to feel his hands reach up and behind, unclasp my bra and feel my breasts that I have worked so hard to get and not be flat-chested, was amazing beyond words. I left a little more than an hour or so later. Right at that moment, I could have been hooker anywhere in the world. The drive was as it always is in Bangalore — painful. Saves me the trouble of hailing down cabs and waiting for them in the crowd.

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Stumm, a bit of teasing was on the cards. I was so pleased that she had chosen this white stocking. He was naughty, though, gently but with all the intention, he slipped the jacket off my shoulders just as we were entering the elevator. I could sense that familiar but rare feeling of someone else taking over me. I took off my boy clothes. These subtle efforts made the transformation quite remarkable and yet not easy to spot you spent some time around me or looked carefully. Time to ride my man for the night but not let him in yet, tease him, just the way he teased me. Taking a deep breath, I almost smiled.

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Rather unusual for Bangalore airport. I was looking out through the glass at a rain-soaked airport tarmac while I spoke to my wife. But underneath the jeans were fishnets and comfortable mixed fabric panties. The flight was uneventful and exactly how I like it. Escorting is a fetish of mine. By now, I needed it as much as he did… Beds are over rated anyway and we needed the right angle, as I am a tall girl.


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